Winmail Mail Server (Standard Edition 12 users)

Winmail Mail Server (Standard Edition 12 users)

a professional grade Internet mail server designed for small...

a professional grade Internet mail server designed for small businesses and great for large multi-branched corporations. Winmail provides support for SMTP, POP3, IMAP, LDAP, WebMail, anti-virus, multiple domains, SMTP authentication, remote administrative control, spam filtering, mailbox quotas, mail groups, mail routing, mailbox monitor features.

> Support for popular mail client software like: Outlook Express, Outlook, Netscape, Eudora etc. Multi languages and Hotmail-like webmail support which allows users to register a new account, write, send, and receive mails in a web browser.

Anti-Virus mail function includes: API plugin, supporting polular Anti-Virus engines and setup of multiple Anti-Virus Broadband: DSL,ISDN,Cable Modem,DDN,LAN.

IMAP support. LDAP support allows remote clients to search public contacts. ESMTP support. Supports for multiple domains Supports Mail Signing. The manager maybe accept or reject the request when one user send mail to other domain or local domain.

Option to use NT authentication. The new initialized wizard tool enables the user to setup in just one minute. Support multiple administrators and independent domain administrator.

Support WebMail setup as a virtual directory or a separate site of IIS or PWS. > Administrator remote control function via SSL protocol. Groups and mailing lists function Support for POP3 and ETRN mail gateway.

Spammer address filter by IP address and or Domain name. The email server software RBL support. Supports DNS cache. Supports the conversion of MS-TNEF (winmail.

dat) attachemnt into MIME message. Scheduler task. Supports mailbox monitor and backup functions. Real-time server monitoring and status. Multiple thread design, satisfying mass accounts usage.

System failure recovery that prevent mail lost, complication conflict, and deadlock. Allows multiple users on your LAN to enjoy e-mail access through a single connection.

Email server system log. Supports both true domain name and non domain name. Full support for both static and dynamic IP address. Support system backup and restore.

Winmail Mail Server (Standard Edition 12 users)


Winmail Mail Server (Standard Edition 12 users)